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Company Profile


Company Profile​

Relixir helps you focus on the business results that matter to your company. Our success is based on providing a value-added service by adopting a customer-orientated approach. Our corporate independence allows us to respond as fast as possible, gives us a greater flexibility, and enables us to invest in plant and processes.We are committed to seeking innovative product range and processes.
  • Integration of the principles and practices of conserving the natural resources and reducing the Pollution form are essential elements of the environmental management.
  • Ensuring that its activities, products and services have no impact on the environment; compliance to relevant laws and regulations and commitment for continual Improvement.
  • Relixir achieves this by providing the framework for setting the environmental Objectives and targets, which are properly documented, implemented and maintained
  • Relixir communicates its policy to all personnel in the organization and will make it available to the public.